Our History

It all started several years ago when I purchased my first pre 1955 American Made

Automotive Piece of History. It was a 1952 Pontiac Chieftain. But before we go any

further, let's go back to my childhood.

Growing up in Southern California's San Gabriel Valley, pre 1955 cars, or Bombs as we

call them, had a thing for accessories among the Latin Communities and I had a thing

for them. The one vivid memory I have from those days are seeing the Rear Window

Venetian Blinds. Not many cars had them, but the ones that did had that added touch of

class and style I've only grown to love.

So when the day came to finally buy my very own set, I went straight to the internet.

I searched high and low only to come up empty handed in a really bad way. I joined

every car website I could, searched every on-line auction, strolled every isle of

every auto swap meet, etc. I literally searched for years with no results. The ones I

did come across were not only incorrect for my car, but ranged upwards of


With thin pockets and not knowing where to turn next, I decided to use the skills and

ingenuity my father instilled in me all those years and make them myself.

With an Industrial Design background, proficiency in Computer Aided Drafting software,

access to State of The Art Machinery, and as much research as I could gather, I

designed and made a set I proudly sport on my bomb to this day.

It wasn't long before my friends started asking me if I could make them Auto Venetian

Blinds as well and as they say, the rest is history.....